Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last month the Monday after Labor day my baby started preschool. Tuesday morning of course she sleeps in til eight when she needs to be at school at 9:30. That morning she wakes up and I try being really happy and cheerful tying to get her excited about going.... however she wasn't really looking forward to it. Lyric kept saying " Mommy can you just come with me?" of course I just had to keep repeating "I'll drive you there" :( But I dropped her off and she just went in and when it was time to pick her up two and half hours later she yells" Mom" right when she saw me, and it made me feel awesome, it was the kind of yell that meant she had lots to tell me. And I was right.... she loved it!! She is going two days a week and that's not good enough she wants to go everyday!!

 Second day of school... Since I took her picture the first day Lyric thought we had to have another!

For School Lyric's teacher Miss Dani wanted to have the class decorate pumpkins for the Benson Grism Mill Pumpkin walk and the theme was Dr Suese, and it so happened that Lyric love the Grinch!! ( The day Lyric had to turn her pumpkin in)

The day of Lyric's first field trip at the Pumpkin Walk. She was so excited to go and look for her pumpkin but was disappointed when we didn't get to take it home.

Lyric playing in the kids Hay Maze

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  1. She is sooo cute. I can't believe she's old enouch for preschool! So exciting!!