Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fourth year Anniversary

Conner and I are going to be Celebrating our fourth year of marriage tomorrow June 22. Time has gone by so fast that it's not only hard to believe but hard to remember how many years it's been. We're always asking each other how many it's been and then the next is always how long have we know/dated each others?? Answer: I think we agree on seven? Anyways it has been a wonderful seven years... or which ever it happens to be. 
Conner Proposed to me on Dec. 24-2006

The day after Conner Proposed Dec 25, 2006


Some of our Engagments

Our Wedding and the planning went really smooth, we already knew we wanted to get married in the Temple so we just had to decide on the Reception place, which we ended up picking The Historical Colonial House in Lehi, Utah. We got married in the Timpanogos Temple and that night had the Reception, and got to leave in   a Limo to our hotel room in Salt Lake.

Historical Colonial House

Conner has been a wonderful husband and provider, he is a hard worker and has been able to keep me a stay at home mom for three years now. I'm looking forward to many more years with him and am grateful we can be a forever family!


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  2. haha i remember taking the picture of you and your ring the next day. doesnt seem that long ago