Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Been busy the last couple weeks so I am late at saying...HAPPY FATHERS day out there to all those wonderful dads... especially to the two that matter most to me.

My Dad
My dad is an awesome Dad, Grandpa, and Husband. He is always worrying about his family and making sure he does what he can for us. He has a ruff side... people who don't know him probably don't like him, but once you get to knowing him you can help but like him. I would say his favorite hobble is Horses, he has always loved them and has had at least one since I can remember. He is always making us laugh, mostly cause he is always repeating the same joke or does things that is so predictable. Honestly I am surprised that I was able to get this picture of him. (So not him) He is also the most honest person I know and I think everyone would agree.

My Dad has now retired this last Spring and I think is loving every minute of it. He has worked for Rocky Mountain Power. My family and I decided that it would be fun to have a retirement party for him... of course he acted all embarrassed when we wrote on his truck HONK THIS OLD MAN RETIRES TODAY, and when we hung a sign on the over pass on the way to work that read HAPPY RETIREMENT GARY..... and of course he didn't notice till his friend at work pointed it out, so he drove by. But I know he really enjoyed every minute of it even when he walk into the house with all 6 of his kids, 5 sons & daughter in laws and wife and all 15 grandchildren singing FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW!! 

So if your reading this I think you would agree that I do have a wonderful Dad!

Lyric's Dad

Conner is an awesome dad to Lyric and I'm glad that he is that father of my little girl Lyric. He is always  teasing her, (which she loves) and always letting her follow him around the house whether it's a project he is doing inside the house or out. Conner also spoils not only Lyric but me as well. I am most grateful for the hard worker that he is and that he is willing to let me stay home and take care of Lyric. 

I tired thinking of something Lyric could do for Conner that so could help with and considering that I'm not creative we came up with this....

It said, Dad- I dropped the whatchamacallit with my Butterfingers so I wondered the best way of saying sorry.... Dad your a Big Hunk and are always twix ting me and making me snicker, thats why I love you to pieces!!! And because of pay day!



  1. I hope this comment posts! I don't have very good luck getting things on here! Anyway, if you ask me, Conner's the lucky one!

  2. Haha I don't know who wrote this but thank you! But know if i can agree.