Thursday, July 14, 2011

I will miss my friend!! :(

Breeann Demie Hanson is one of those life long FRIENDS!! I have know Breeann since I moved from West Valley to Riverton and started my 6th grade year at Rose Creek Elementary. We have had our up and downs and times when we fell apart but it seems that no matter how long I have been apart from her we can pick up right where we left off and have a blast together.
Lately BreeAnn has put some old pictures of us and other friends of ours on Facebook and I have had a good time going back and remembering the good old days when things were simple and layed back. When we could go to the Mall and rome the stores without anyone telling us, "aren't to old to be at the Mall?" or when we could have sleepovers and paint or toe nails or even make a music video of us singing Brittney Spears songs or Having Brittney Chugg be Jenny Jones while she interviews us  being crazy out of control teens. Or being able to just go to Church and be able to visit during sunday school when we should be listening to the lesson.
I am very sad to say that Bree told me a couple months ago that she was going to be moving to either North Carolina or Texas, however either one of those would make me sad. It just isn't Utah. But She does need to be with her Hubby Blake so I don't blame her. And plus she said she wouldn't be leaving till the end of July.... it's now July 14 and I'm not happy that she leaves in a week. I keep thinking I need to get with her and plan something for us to do but things would come up. And now it's here, time for her to start a new adventure to Texas. :(  
The only positive thing I can think of is that hopefully I can find a way to Texas and visit her while she is gone. And hopefully she wont be gone as long as she says. 

 Girls Camp( Me, BreeAnn and Brittney)
FFA field trip( Jessica, BreeAnn and Me)
Senior Dinner Dance ( Jessica, Me and BreeAnn
Me and BreeAnn 
Graduation ( Me, Jessica, Ashley, and BreeAnn)
( Cassi on BreeAnn, Marci on Ashley, and Me on Jessica)

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