Thursday, July 7, 2011

Survivor Payson 4th of July

Every year my family plans a camping trip for the 4th of July, this year we went to Payson Lakes. And one other thing I should mention is that my family loves the TV series Survivor. So up camping all thirty of us was divided into two teams to compete against each other to play survivor. Me, Alisha, and Janiece was the apart of the American Bandanas and the other team was Cameo. But everyone also had fishing licenses this year so it was hard to get everyone together at once to do the challenges. So we only did a couple and hopefully Survivor will continue next weekend up camping. ( But I think our team won!!)

Brady and Alyssa were also part of our team ( Brady is my nephew and Alyssa his girlfriend)

This Camping trip was also fun because It was the first time Lyric could really enjoy it now that she is older and understands what we are doing. She had a blast with all her cousins.

Lyric and Cousin Jason
Lyric and Cousins Kaitlin and Ashton

We had a great time and love spending a weekend with family!

 Brother in law Aaron, Conner and nephew Casey
Nephew Colton
Mom and Me

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