Friday, July 29, 2011

My Baby Is 3 Today!!!

Lyric Ella Nelson 
3 years ago a blessing was been given to me and many others.
I have a friend who always says " enjoy them while you can, someday they wont be little anymore) and now that Lyric has turned 3 I wonder where the time has gone and question, Did I really enjoy every moment I had? Answer: No.... I was aweful with pictures, where was the camera to catch the first laugh, rolling over, first tooth, first tear, crawling, walking and first time she said Meme. ( For some reason she called me that instead of mama)
However the last year or so I have been a little better at the pictures and will share some with you.

Random pictures; not in any order

Halloween 2010
Grandma Kelson

Cousin Alisha 2010
Easter 09
Fathers day 2010

Nelson Cousins

Cousin Lyric
Donut Contest
Halloween 2010

Gardner Village 2011

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